Aside from being one of the nicest guys I know, Michael’s enthusiasm, professionalism and genuine concern for his client is second to none. He over-performed for our staff and we received more than we bargained for! He is a down to earth, optimistic, helpful and caring individual. I am fortunate to know him as he has helped our business greatly.

Alex Ioannou

Owner, TRIO Salon, Ltd.

When it comes to Sales & Marketing, Michael Salberg is a rare breed. He’s bright, persuasive and a class act both personally and professionally. He gets behind products he believes in, but won’t push something if he knows it’s not in the client’s best interest. If you’re looking for someone to build long-term relationships with clients while boosting your company’s profits, Michael is your man.



For years when my division needed experts to help source venues for our meetings, I always turned to The Flashcom Group for their excellent work. They always have the client in mind when negotiating the best proposals for meetings and events.



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